Welcome to my website, which I am currently using for two purposes. After a year of maternity leave I am looking for a part-time job, in order to co-manage care of my adorable daughter with my partner, her father. Please find my CV below.

house_wisteriaSecondly, we run a blog, following significant support from Lewisham council in order to improve the environmental performance of our home. It’s been quite a journey and we’re still on it.

Our blog is called ‘home is where the heat is’ and can be followed here


In my professional life I work to support schools in creating their own forms of sustainable  and global education that best suit their contexts and priorities, and is closely linked to enhancing teaching and learning, core subject development and school improvement.


My most recent project was with South East London Community Energy bringing funded workshops on energy saving to Greenwich and Lewisham primary schools.

The workshops are called ‘Watt’s around you?’ and aim to prepare teachers to address energy saving with their classes, using real-world appliances that make sense to children. Teachers will also be given an introduction to fuel poverty and pointers as to how to help families deal with it, as well as signs to recognise if children are from families suffering from it.

Please keep visiting my site for updates and offers, work will re-open from September 2015.

See below my diagram illustrating my approach to Sustainability: